Online Go Lessons 

Using OGS + Skype or Discord / Eastern time


Teaching game

With a personalized touch on what are the weaker facets of your game and how to get to the next level.

Review class

In-depth review of one of your games using skype or discord. From the opening to the most critical losing moves, we can learn from our mistakes.

Learning Basics

From the Beginner to 5D+ 

Using PDF file as class material.

Korean Style

Capturing Race, Haengma, Life and death, Endgame, etc. Solving problems and checking together.

SGF file review (Text)

Send me your game file and I will review by text.


Teaching game and review on Twitch stream.

Lesson Cost 

Per hour / 40 USD  / 50 CAD
SGF text review - 25 USD per game / 30 CAD / Package -5 games / 100 USD / 125CAD


Paypal, Interac transfer


Email -
Cell- +1 514-892-9208

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